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Former clients tout Lisa Wolman, MSW as the mediator who can save relationships because she helps them avoid expensive and lengthy litigation by fostering sustainable compromise, productive communication, and most importantly, true insight into what is fair.  

"I highly Recommend Lisa Wolman"

"Lisa Wolman has a special gift when working with her clients. She understands the process and works towards a fair settlement for all parties. Mediation is a great way to handle divorce issues. I highly recommend Lisa and Wolman Mediation Group, LLC."


Marc Demetriou Bloomingdale, New Jersey

Best Selling Author



"Resolved A Court Battle"

“Before working with Lisa Wolman, my divorce was an emotional and financial disaster drained from litigation, my kids were messed up…my ex and I hated each other…we should have gone through mediation from the start.  Lisa helped stop the downward spiral and saved my relationship with my children”


H. Bergen County, New Jersey



"Mediation Is Better"

"One of the people I have dealt with is a very bright woman named Lisa Wolman.  She can help you both come to a middle of the road settlement; before attorneys make promises they can't keep just to feed their families when you both should be concerned about feeding your own".


C. New York City



"Kept Us Out Of Court"

"The past 3 years Lisa Wolman has guided me through post-divorce (drama) which otherwise would have ended up in court. Lisa was ultimately professional in terms of thoroughness, timeliness, and trust. Her mediation techniques have been useful tools and I recommend her highly as a mediator.

K. Westchester, New York



"Saved Our Marriage"

"After a couple attempts at traditional marriage counseling with no success, I was certain there was no saving my marriage.  Or at least that's what I thought until I was referred to Lisa. She is truly amazing at what she does and has assisted us in getting back to a great place in our marriage.... someplace I thought didn't exist between us anymore.  She takes her time to understand what the issues are and assists in working through them while helping you better understand your partner so you can handle obstacles moving forward.  I am beyond thankful for what Lisa has helped us overcome and don't know where we'd be without her".


N. Bergen County, New Jersey



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